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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Host an Online Tupperware Fundraiser

Fundraising doesn't get any easier than online fundraising with Tupperware. The Tupperware online fundraiser allows you to generate sales from your dedicated online Tupperware store. Your supporters can easily donate to your cause while purchasing a quality product that will last a lifetime!

The Tupperware online fundraiser is easy to setup and easy to facilitate. Tupperware will provide you with a customized link to your online store and you simply forward the link by email to all of your supporters. For every purchase made at your Tupperware online store, you earn 25% profit.

There is no cost to participating organizations who wish to conduct an online Tupperware fundraiser. Your Tupperware online store will remain open for 14 days and proceeds are paid out at the close of the fundraising event.

Learn more about online fundraising with Tupperware by visiting our fundraising website and clicking on "Other Fundraising Options."


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