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Friday, September 15, 2006

Party from Your Desktop

In the era of technology, Tupperware won't be left behind. The classic Tupperware party takes on a new twist -- the online Tupperware party. All the fringe benefits for the host that you'll find at the traditional home party but without all the fuss.

Host your own Tupperware Online Party and qualify to receive FREE products! The Online Party registration takes about 5 minutes, but your Online Party is active for two weeks. Your guests receive e-mail invitations from you with special offers that help qualify you to earn FREE Tupperware products!

Based on the sales generated through your Online Party, you will qualify to receive Tupperware eGift Certificates to redeem online for your choice of Tupperware products. Tupperware Online Party Awards are sent 2 days after the party has closed to ensure all orders have been processed.

The only requirement for the online party is you need to sell $200 in Tupperware. If your online party generates less than $200 in sales, you won't receive any free products. With $200 or more in sales, your eGift Certificate value is equal to 10% of your total sales. Not bad!

To start your Tupperware online party now, click here!