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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Start of an American Classic

Tupperware brand products made their debut in 1946 -- the start of a revolutionary post-war period in history. For 50 years, Tupperware brand products have closely followed rollercoaster trends from the suburban movement to the 60s feminist revolution to 90s "cocooning" continually adding a unique organizational touch to the lives and kitchens across the nation.

Just prior to its consumer introduction in 1946, inventor Earl Tupper's plastics like the materials of many manufacturers were dedicated to the war effort. The versatility and convenience of Tupper's "miracle" products helped to launch the plastics revolution of the next decade. Tupper's first consumer plastic products the Wonderlier Bowl and Bell Tumbler offered a unique benefit that traditional food containers did not they were lighter and less likely to break than traditional glass and crockery.

With the onset of the post-war "baby boom," women dedicated themselves to caring for their growing families. The "Tupperized" kitchen was born ... a kitchen that was well organized and neat, and featured a variety of containers that replaced unsightly open packages and that kept food fresh longer.



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